Ultimate Exposure


Search Engine Marketing

Given that Google is the dominant search engine globally, we utilize Google Ads to drive highly targeted traffic to our listing website. As potential home buyers increasingly conduct online searches, Google Ads placement ensures interested prospects encounter your property details. This strategic digital marketing approach takes advantage of Google’s market leadership to efficiently connect home sellers with qualified buyers browsing the online marketplace.

Syndication Sites

By syndicating your listing information to prominent real estate portals like Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com and ListHub, your property’s details will reach a vast online audience of home buyers. These leading real estate sites provide wide exposure that complements more targeted digital marketing efforts. Syndicating to top real estate sites expands the potential reach of qualified buyers, giving your listing the best chance of appearing in search results and generating interest from those actively browsing homes for sale across various popular online platforms.

Professional Photography

The vast marketing campaign will put your home center stage through professional photography. This creates the perfect platform for showings by showcasing your property in the best possible light.


By making these videos easily shareable online, they work to maximize exposure of your home to a wide audience. Potential buyers will be able to view your property remotely through the video tour, increasing visibility and the chances of attracting interested buyers.

Individual Property Website

By creating an individual website for your property address, it will have a unique URL that buyers can easily search and access information about your home. The unique website URL will make it simple for interested buyers to find detailed information, photos, and virtual tours of your home online to help them learn more and determine their interest level.

The Kim and Brian Real Estate Signs

The professionally designed Kim and Brian real estate yard signs prominently display our contact information, allowing interested buyers to conveniently obtain details about your home at any time. Whether day or night, potential buyers driving by will have direct access to speak with Kim and Brian through the phone numbers listed. The signs also provide a 1-800 number for 24/7 access to automated information on your listing, ensuring maximum coverage and visibility for your home’s marketing campaign around the clock. Contact options on the signs promote accessibility that helps keep buyer interest piqued and could lead to a quick sale.

Professional Brochure

Professional, printed brochures provide a tangible element that captures a buyer’s attention, even in our digital age. A high-quality, informative brochure for your home sets it apart from other listings by offering an immersive preview of the property through descriptive text and photos. This marketing material allows important details about amenities and features to be easily conveyed and absorbed by potential buyers as they browse listings. A professionally designed brochure creates intrigue and sets the stage for buyers to want to learn more about your unique home.


As the premier multiple listing service (MLS) for South Central Kansas, SCKMLS enables maximum real estate exposure through strategic partnerships. By listing your home on SCKMLS, your property’s details will seamlessly sync with hundreds of other realtor and brokerage websites, expanding your reach across the region. Leveraging SCKMLS’s network ensures interested buyers and their agents view your listing across all of the most utilized real estate resources locally. You can feel confident that your home will achieve the broadest marketing exposure possible through SCKMLS’s integrated systems and interconnections across the South Central Kansas real estate marketplace.

Professional Home Staging

Home staging is as much of an art as it is a science, with the goal of creating appealing and welcoming living spaces that attract buyers. For optimal results, professional home stagers are skilled artists who can transform your property through strategic redesign and styling. With professional staging services available, you have the option to hire experienced experts who know how to showcase your home’s best features and generate emotional connections with potential purchasers. Their design expertise helps sell your home by making an impactful first impression on buyers browsing listings.

Measurements and Floor Plan

Providing accurate and professionally measured square footage details, including floor plans, ensures buyers have reliable information to assess the size and layout of your home. Square footage measurements are an essential component of marketing a property for sale successfully. Potential buyers need to trust that the space advertised is precisely as presented. Taking the time to meticulously measure your home and develop scale floor plans builds confidence for buyers and removes any doubts about the true dimensions. Correct square footage reporting is critical for the sale to close smoothly.